1995 - 2008 Numerous visits and consultancy work in countries all over the world as the Chair of the CITES Plants Committee.

1994 Mexico. Participation in visits to nurseries and various Mexican Botanic Gardens (UNAM, Cuernavaca, Xalapa) organised by the CITES Authorities in Mexico together with the representatives of the United Kingdom (representing Europe), Germany, Switzerland, IUCN and Traffic.

1994 Azores. Visit to Faial Botanic Garden. Visits to various laurel forests on the islands of Pico, San Jorge and Faial.

1994 United States: Visit to Fairchild Botanic Garden in Miami and the Centre for Plant Health and CITES Inspection in Miami.

1993 Switzerland. Participation in the Workshop on CITES issues aimed at European CITES Scientific and Management Authorities during the Conference “Botanic Gardens in the 21st Century” organised to commemorate the 175th anniversary of the Geneva Conservatory and Botanic Garden. Participation in the 3rd Meeting of Botanic Gardens Plant Trade Commission. Working visit to the CITES Secretariat.

1993 Mexico. Visit to the Botanic Garden of CICY Merida, Mexico.

1993 Malta. Participation in the IOS/CITES workshop held during the 5th International Conference of the International Organisation for Succulent Plan Study.

1993 Corsica. Botanical visit to the habitat of Brassica insularis.

1992 Thailand: Participation in the inspection of nurseries organised by the CITES Secretariat jointly with the following representatives: United Kingdom (representing Europe), Oceania (Plants Committee Chair), Germany, The Netherlands, Traffic, CITES Secretariat, Thailand.

1992 Switzerland (1992). Working meeting with the staff of the CITES Secretariat for the preparation of the seminar to be held in Spain in November 1992.

1992 United Kingdom: Invitation to participate in the Working Group on the Implementation of CITES and the role of Botanic Gardens organised by Botanic Gardens Conservation International.

1992 United Kingdom. Participation by invitation in the 1st Meeting of the Botanic Gardens Plant Trade Commission. Organised by Botanic Gardens Conservation International with support from WWF.

1991 Switzerland. Attended the International Symposium “Plant biotechnology and its contribution to plant development, multiplication and improvement.” Visit to Geneva Conservatory and Botanic Garden.

1991 United Kingdom. Attended the Conference “From specimen to habitat management,” organised by Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

1991 The Netherlands. Participation in the European Seminar on CITES Plants, addressed to the Management and Scientific Authorities in Europe. Leiden, 2-7 November.

1991 Cuba: Invitation as a consultant on the conservation of endemic species, Seed banks, tissue culture, (1 month). National Botanic Garden of Cuba.

1991 Cuba. Working visit to Cienfuegos and Cupeynicu Botanic Gardens, with teaching lecture. Botanical collecting visit to Sierra Maestra.

1991 Brazil. Participation in the 2nd Meeting of Botanic Gardens on trade in plants in Rio de Janeiro during the 3rd International Conference of Botanic Gardens and Conservation. Visit to the Botanic Garden of Rio de Janeiro.

1990 The Netherlands. Attended the International Symposium “The Authentic Garden,” organised on the occasion of the 400th Anniversary of Leiden Botanic Garden. Visit to Leiden Botanic Garden.

1990 Cuba: Invitation as a consultant on conservation of endemic species, Seed banks, tissue culture, (1 month). National Botanic Garden of Cuba.

1989 Hungary. Visits to Sashegy Nature Conservation Area / Eagle-Hill Budapest; Kerecsend Forest Natural Conservation Area; Hortobágy National Park, Bükk Mountain National Park; the Botanic Garden of Vácrátót Institute of Ecology and Botany; Budakalász Medicinal Plant Institute and Botanic Garden Soroksár Horticulture and Viticulture University; Botanic Garden of Kossuth Lajos University in Debrecen.

1989 Argentina: Working visit to Cordoba University and the Patagonian National Centre. Advice for the establishment of new Botanic Gardens.

1989 Argentina. Attended the 22nd Argentine Botanic Meeting held in Cordoba to promote ETHNOBOTANY-92 and hold meetings with members of the International Committee of the Conference (Profs. Dr. P. Arenas and A. Hunzinker). Visit to Buenos Aires Botanic Garden.

1988 Reunion Island - France. Attended the 2nd International Conference of Botanic Gardens and Conservation. Promotion and dissemination of publicity on Ethnobotany-92. A panel presentation on conservation techniques developed in Cordoba Botanic Garden. Visit to Mascarin Conservatory and Botanic Garden.

1988 Cuba: Invitation as a consultant to design a Seed Bank and a unit of in vitro culture in the National Botanic Garden of Cuba (600 ha and 320 staff).

1987 United Kingdom. Working visit to Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and Cambridge Botanic Garden (Prof. Heywood).

1987 Morocco. Participation in the Regional Conference on Nature Conservation of Nature and Utilisation of Plant Resources, organised by Institut Agronomique et Vétérinaire Hassan II, and Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA). Direction des Eaux et Forets et de la Conservation des Sols. Presentation of a panel on ex situ conservation methods. Collecting of plants.

1987 Germany. Working visit to several Botanic Gardens: Palmengarten and Frankfurt University Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe Botanic Garden, University of Mainz Botanic Garden, University of Gieben Botanic Garden; Marburg University Botanic Garden, University of Würzburg Botanic Garden, Heidelberg University Botanic Garden; Stuttgart-Wilhelm Zoological and Botanic Garden; Tübingen University Botanic Garden.

1986 Portugal. Working visits to the Tropical and Lisbon University Botanic Gardens.

1984 Portugal. Working visits to the Tropical and Lisbon University Botanic Gardens.

1981 Switzerland. Working visit to Zurich Botanic Garden (Prof. Cook).

1981 Austria. Working visit to the University of Vienna and Schonbrum Botanic Gardens (Prof. Erhendorfer).

1981 Germany. Working visit to Munich and Berlin Botanic Gardens (Prof. Erhn).

1977 United Kingdom. Working visit to Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and Cambridge Botanic Garden (Prof. Walters).

1976 Poland. Visit to Warsaw and Wroclaw Academies of Agriculture and Bialoviedza National Park in the company of teachers Kaminski, Laurov and Zelawski. Trip sponsored by the Spanish Institute of Education Sciences and Madrid Polytechnic University.

1976 Morocco. Trip collecting aromatic plants. Crucifers and geobotanical study of Fezia pterocarpa Pitard. Approximate itinerary: Madrid - Almería - Melilla - AinZorah - Middle Atlas - Fez - Ceuta - Madrid.

1975 France, Sardinia, Sicily, Spain, Greece, Yugoslavia. Collecting trip for Mediterranean Cruciferae. Visit to the Louis Emberger School of Phytosociology (Montpellier, France) and several European National Parks. Approximate itinerary: Madrid - Montpellier – Camargue National Park - Genoa - Sassari - Cagliari - Palermo - Catania - Regio - Calabria - Brindisi - Patras - Athens – Mount Olympus National Park - Salonika - Biogradsko National Park - Podjona - Jama - French-Italian Alps - Pyrenees - Madrid. Surveys during this trip with De Martino (Sicily) and Picci (Sardinia) teams of teachers.

The present CV does not include the numerous trips taken in the Iberian Peninsula, the Balearic and Canary Islands during the development of a career devoted largely to collecting wild plant material.


Full Professor
Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Agrónomos y de Montes
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